City of Carrollton, TX

Ken Barnes

Step 1 of 2 - Terms and Conditions

Proof of Insurance Checklist:

  • Applicant must provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of $6,000,000; $1,000,000 primary plus $5,000,000 umbrella, or other securities as acceptable to the Director of Engineering. It's the responsibility of the applicant to maintain a current "Certificate of Insurance" on their profile to avoid their registration being revoked.   
  • The coverage must be on an "occurrence" basis and must include coverage for personal injury, contractual liability, premises liability, medical damages, underground, explosion and collapse hazards.
  • Each policy must include a cancellation provision in which the insurance company is required to notify the city in writing not fewer than thirty (30) days before canceling, failing to renew, or reducing policy limits.
  • The applicant shall file, with the Director of Engineering, the required original certificate of insurance showing the city as an additional insured prior to any commencement of work. The certificate shall state the policy number; name of the insurance company; name and address of the agent or authorized representative of the insurance company; name, address and telephone number of insured; policy expiration date; and specific coverage amounts.
  • Applicant shall file a surety bond which will be valid prior to the commencement of any construction through two full years after the completion of the construction from a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Texas. The bond must be in the amount of the estimated value of the work to be performed that year to guarantee that the restoration of the right-of-way in the event the applicant leaves a job site in the right-of-way unfinished, incomplete or unsafe.
  • Proof of insurance requirements may be met by utilities with a current franchise or license agreement, which provides for insurance bonds at least in the amounts enumerated above, or where the current franchise or license agreement provides an indemnity in favor of the city.
  • Insurance coverage shall include all items required by the Right-of-Way Management Ordinance Section 57.08 A (5)(b).
  • City of Carrollton shall be additional insured.